Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aililiú (Dowtcha Puppets)

Aililiú (Dowtcha Puppets) will be previewing a new puppet show in Irish as part of the Cork Culture night on the 20th September 2013 at Cork City Hall at 7pm.

Eachtraí o Oileán Aráin:Caillte sa Cheo is the first drama from the series and is sure to entertain young and old alike.

We would like to invite teachers, parents and students to the show .

We have attached a poster and a brochure and would be grateful if you would inform teachers, parents and students of our preview show on the 20th September 2013.

Bígi le páid óg agus a churach draíochta.

Poster Cork Culture Night.pdf
F&B DL.pdf