Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Gáirdín Cúin

Dear Parents/Guardians
We are hoping to develop a quiet garden space at our Gaelscoil between the current vegetable beds and the main entrance. We feel it is very important to have the children's input on what this Quiet Garden, An Gáirdín Cúin, should look like. We are asking you and your child/children to discuss this Garden area to find out what the children would like to see in this space. Together with your child/children could you put your drawings/ideas on an A4 piece of paper with your child's name, class and teachers name and return these to Hilda in the Office before Wednesday 27th November 2013. Please put a note on your drawings if you and your child would like to help with this project.
Some things to bear in mind with the garden:
- this will be a quieter space away from the main yard - would you like to see fencing and if so what kind
- we would like to have a Willow Dome as a centre piece of the garden (see for ideas)
- what kind of seating should we have
- the garden should be accessible to everyone so what kind of pathways should we have
- think about sensory areas and what these would look like e.g herb beds, long grasses, prickly plants, wind chimes, fruit bearing plants, etc
- wildlife and how to encourage it into our garden
- large and small places to chat and play games
We hope to begin work on our Gáirdín Cúin in the next couple of weeks and will be in touch to find volunteers, young and not so young to help bring this project to life!
Thanking you
Gaelscoil PA