Friday, April 4, 2014

Shared Reading Programme

From next Tuesday 9th April 2014 a group of parents are volunteering to come into Rang 1 & 2 to do Shared Reading with each child in these classes. These parents will be seated in the classrooms and each child will take their English reader as identified by the class teacher and spend 5-10 minutes reading this book with the volunteer parent. This will take place from 9am til approx 9.30am and it is envisaged that every child will have the opportunity to read with a volunteer. It is hoped that this shared reading will take place twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday. All volunteers will be fully briefed on how to carry out effective shared reading and teachers will be present at all times to supervise this programme.

Shared reading has many benefits for children not least improving the standard of literacy and increased confidence in the children. It is hoped that the Shared Reading Programme will roll out across all classes depending on how this goes.

This initiative is being lead by the parents association and we are looking for volunteers to help with the Shared Reading Programne - parents, grandparents,..

Contact Hilda or send an email to the school if you DO NOT wish your child to take part.

Contact Dervilla Wrynn on 0872273645 with your name and number if you would like to be a shared reading volunteer.