Friday, April 18, 2014

Willow Dome - volunteers needed!!

The PA and some willing volunteers want to move ahead with the "gairdin cuin"and want to get cracking on
the willow dome ASAP. We have had a very generous offer of mature willow - only problem it is in Chareville, and it needs to be harvested! So we are looking for a few volunteers to help this Saturday morning the 19th April 2014 to come along with a pair of loppers for about 3 hours work ( not v child friendly conditions unfortunately)  with such an ambitious dome we need mature willow which is harder to source.

Also we will also need a few helping hands to plant willow on a latter date over Easter holidays.

Any other enthusiastic offers of help or with further ideas please get in contact with Trish Ryan 0879475367 or Siobhan Devlin 087 2771899

Willow Dome