Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday Party Gift Suggestion €5

A suggestion/idea in regard to adopting a €5 in a card option for presents will be discussed at the next PA Meeting, which is being held on Tuesday 16th September2014at 8pm, in the Powder Room, White Lady Hotel.
For the attention of all Classes:
Now that the new school year is well underway, and having spoken to a wide circle of parents from the different Rangs in the school, Carol O Callaghan (AKA Mam of Alice, Ted, Maisie, Miah) and myself (AKA Mam of CriosCian and Beibhinn) would like to make the following suggestion:
Going forward, with regard to birthday parties, we would like to suggest adopting the “€5 in a card” (per child) as another option for a birthday present for the children. 
Locally Dunderrow and Belgooly schools do this and it seems to work very well.  We have since learned, from being in contact with other parents in our school, that schools all over the country have chosen to do this too, very successfully.
We would like to stress at this point, that this is NOT school policynor is it something that everybody has to conform to – it isn’t a directive from the teachers in the school – they have no involvement in this at all - but rather a parent driven initiative.  In the current economic climate we thought it might be a way of giving parents one less worry/hassle to deal with – albeit a very small one - some parents have several siblings attending the school!
The decision to consider this “€5 in a card”, we think, is firstly a very personal one and up to each parent to decide whether they would like to do it or not, but it is also a class decision and parents in each class will have to decide whether this option is right for their class or not.  Or indeed it might be the decision to go ahead with a “half and half” option whereby the people in a class who want to give/receive €5 do so and the people who like to give/receive presents do so – the birthday boy or girl then gets a variety of presents/money on his/her special day.  It has also been suggested that €5 euro, whether it be money in a card or a present, is enough to spend on school party presents – again this is just about sharing what some parents have been talking about amongst themselves – it is, of course, naturally up to everybody individually to decide how much they would like to spend on their presents (this is just all about passing on/sharing the information!).

Thanks a mill for taking the time to read this,            
Carol and Emma.