Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monthly Cake Sale Friday Feb 13th 2015

This coming Friday Feb 13th our Rang 1 will be hosting our monthly cake sale. We have not forgotten about Muinteoir Roisins class of 2nd and 3rd class. We have decided to move Rang 1 from their planned April date to February as they will be on duty again for the Holy Communion party on May 23rd. So Muinteoir Roisins class will host their cake sale on April 17th instead. No cake sale in March as it will be during Lent.
So this Friday please remember to send at least €1 into school with your kids to buy a bun or cake from Rang 1. As usual their will be a strict nut free policy and a plate of gluten/wheat/dairy free buns.

Catherine Dillon (1st class parent rep)
Carol O'Callaghan