Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Clonakilty Founded Charity 'JUST ONE' Appeal

With the tragic news of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal only a few short days ago, perhaps it may be possible to circulate news from the just-one Charity to the school community?  


just-one’s founder Declan Murphy (from Clonakilty), gave an illustrated talk to all the school during an assembly in the autumn of 2012.  While Declan was studying to become primary school teacher, he went on a trip to Nepal.  As a result he vowed to return and help the children there once he’d graduated and so he has done, by founding the now 10 year old  just-one Charity.  


The charity works with children who’ve been forced to live and beg on the streets on Kathmandu.  The charity’s work seeks not only to facilitate access to education for street children but it also offers counselling and rehabilitation services to the children and offers family support and empowerment to their family network.

Having been in contact with Declan’s family it is suggested that people go to the just-one website and Facebook pages for accounts and pictures of what’s happening concerning the children the charity has been helping.  All the Just-One children and support workers are safe and accounted for, though one staff member’s mother and three sisters were killed by the quake.


Your donations to global organisations will go to provide emergency relief work right across the Himalayas and your urgently needed donations to just-one will go straight to keeping the more than 70 children and 30 families that it supports safe and well along with allowing continued support to their families through the current uncertainty and to help them and their families to start getting their lives back on track again.  These were families who were already struggling against the chronic poverty which saw their respective children come to just-one’s attention in the first place.

Whether it’s a once off donation or a preferred monthly contribution in support of just-ones work, you’ll find all the required details here and can rest assured too that it’ll be put to the very best use in support of the incredibly brave and resilient gang of kids we’re so privileged to work with in Nepal.



Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Yours sincerely,


Jane Connaughton,

(a childhood neighbour and friend Declan Murphy and his family).