Monday, May 11, 2015

Parent Association Update - May 2015

It's been a great year and it's not over yet!!! Huge thanks to all the parents, teachers and children of the school who have all worked together during this year of intense fundraising. So far, we have raised an incredible €18,469  to widen the access road to the school for the safety of our families and to fulfill our planning requirement for two new class rooms.

We  have minimal costs attached to running the PA and  (thanks again to the generosity of the schools parents)  low costs associated with the Confirmation and Communion etc.  We should still be able to contribute an incredible €18,000 plus to the project by the end of this term!!!

Cakes Sales - Carol Nyhan - N Mhora class Rep
Thanks to Rosin's rang 2/3 for yet another great Cake Sale last month which raised €400.23. Thanks to all the children and parents for the delicious baking and to M. Roisin for hosting. And thanks to all the parents who gave their children €1 or more to buy cakes.

To date the school's Cake Sales have raised €2,212 and we have two left :
Rang 5 will help N Mhora with their sale on the 15th May 2015 (this coming Friday) and
Rang 6 will help N Beaga on the 11th June 2015.

Confirmation Tea - Emma O Callaghan - Rang 4 class Rep
Big Thanks to Emma O Callaghan and the Rang 4 parents who  hosted the après Confirmation tea party in the Friary  on Tuesday.  It exceeded all expectations! Thanks for all the many many delicious contributions and to all those who gave up their time on the day to help out.

Communion Party - Catherine Dillion - Rang 1 class Rep
The communion party is coming up soon on the 23rd May 2015 and there's alot of preparation to be done. If anyone can help out please contact Catherine Dillion on 086 192 8764

Outdoor Chess Board
Big thanks the Gareth Price for painting the chess board in the playground so the kids can play outdoor chess and drafts this term.

Blanket of Hope- Grace Nyhan
Thanks Grace and her helpers for getting us all knitting ...another great skill ! Rang 2 to rang  6 are knitting like crazy, making knitted squares to be stitched into "blankets of hope " for children going through chemo. One more week to go!
Looks like we ll be able to make at least 5 beautiful blankets. If anyone can help stitching squares together please contact Grace Nyhan 087 978 8132

Thanks to Audrey Cantillion and team Carma at .
for kindly donating €340 to the school.  Carma Carpooling enables you to find nearby people going your way so you can share your commute.

Eli Lilly
Massive thanks to Eli Lilly for donating €2,500 towards the cost of building the wall and widening the road across from our school, and to Sinead Nolan and Una O Sulivan for helping with the application .

Many thanks to the teachers for running the Bob a Job this year. We raised €765 from all our children's hard work!

Thanks again for all the parental help and support, making our great school ever better!

Dervilla Wrynn