Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Parents Association update


Huge thanks to the parents of Rang 1 and their class rep Catherine Dillion for the Communion  Party. It was a wonderful party and a wonderful day, the school party made it even more special for all the children and their families! Thanks to Fidelma, Jane, Helena, Virginia, Elma, and  Elayne for the big effort and to all the many many parents for their delicious donations and to all those who gave their time on the day to help out. Thanks also for the delicious home made Communion Cake which arrived the next day at the school... a lovely touch!


The last and biggest bumper Cake Sale of the year was held last Thursday week (11th June 2015), hosted by N Mhora and Ranga 6. The most successfully cake sale of the year raising €501.32 for the school!  Big thanks to all the children of both classes . Thanks to all the  parents and children for all the baking, decorating and to M Alma and M Eavan for pulling it all together.  Rang 6 offered new and existing parents the chance to buy Tea and Coffee (as well as cake) which boosted the total by approx €80.

We can't thank Carol Nyhan enough for her winning concept and her consistent effort throughout the year in making our Cake Sales so successful ! The 8 Cake Sales this year raised a massive €3,136 for the school.

Thanks again to all the parents of the school whose hard work and dedication has allowed us to donate €18,000 to the widening of the road project this year!