Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cardiac Screening in Kinsale

Over the past few weeks Kinsale GAA Club has been in contact with AMS (Advanced Medical Services) a Cork based company, who provide a Cardiac Screening Programme.  Kinsale GAA feel that this is an extremely important issue and to this end the club are now delighted to announce that it will be facilitating/hosting a Cardiac Screening Clinic, which all Club Members, the entire Kinsale Community and its surrounding areas, may avail of.

The Cardiac Screening Clinic will take place on Saturday, October 31st 2015 - The clinic will be open from 9.30am-5pm. Each screening will take 25 minutes.

Location:- Elite Pilates Kinsale Studio, Unit 1, Kinsale Commercial Park, Kinsale

(Many thanks to Trudy McGillicuddy who very kindly offered the use of Elite Pilates Studio to host this Screening Clinic)

Bookings can be made online using our www.ameds.ie website or over the phone (1890 300 333) or email.
On the Website click on the ‘book a Cardiac Sports Screening’ tab/link. The clinic code is: kinsale
Individuals with no online access, can call 1890 300 333 to make a booking or email screening@ameds.ie.

People can use Credit or Debit cards to book an appointment.

Fee for the Screening is €65 per person (Tax Deductible).

Additional Information:- Although the GAA recommend screening for players aged 14 and over, the screening is in fact suitable for anyone over 12 years. The individual cost is €65. A further small discount to families will also be on offer.

Cardiac Screening is covered by LAYA Health Insurance – therefore the screening would be free to all LAYA Healthcare members, however, you must still make a booking to avail of the service.  Other Health Insurance companies may offer the facility to claim back a percentage of the cost at the end of individuals Health Insurance year - please enquire with your Health Insurance provider to confirm this.

Please note that Kinsale GAA Club are facilitating this Screening Clinic for Kinsale GAA Members and the wider Kinsale Area – all bookings and/or any questions/queries that individuals may have regarding Cardiac Screening should be referred to AMS directly.

Why undergo a Cardiac Screening?
• Up to 100 young people die each year in Ireland from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)
• 1 in 300 people may have a cardiac abnormality
• The national register recently reported that the incidents of SADS are higher in Ireland than many other European countries.
• In Italy cardiac screening is mandatory for anyone aged 12 to 35 years involved in competitive sport for the past 25 years. They have reduced the incidents of SADS by 89%.
• The GAA’s Medical Scientific and Welfare Committee and the International Rugby Board recommend cardiac screening for all players over the age of 14 years
• The European Society of Cardiology & the International Olympic Committee recommends cardiac screening.
• Heartaid’s service is based on the recommendations of the above named organisations.