Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Computer Typing Course Kinsale July 2017 / Also After School typing course starting in September 2017

Summer Camp in Kinsale College on July the 2nd and the 4th week, Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm each day. Cost is €100 for the week.

The dates can be booked directly on the link below;

Lisa O'Donovan 


Le Petit Workshop Summer Camp 2017

Write Your Own Book Review.. Kinsale Library 2017

Write your own book review, and have it displayed in Kinsale Library! Call into Kinsale library for more information

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cake sale Friday 26th May 2017

Senior infants on duty this Friday 26th May 2017 for the second last cake sale of the school year so please remember to send in at least €1 with each child going to school tomorrow to support. 5th class will be there to help them. Many thanks in advance.

Kinsale Library

The Kinsale Library invites you to write your own book review and then have it displayed in the library.  Call into the Kinsale library for more information.

25th May 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Open Public Meeting on the future of Kinsale’s Municipal Hall

You are cordially invited to an open public meeting at 8pm on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at Kinsale Temperance Hall. The meeting is an opportunity to share and discuss thoughts on the future of Kinsale’s Municipal hall being used as an arts and cultural centre.  Click here for more details.

Monday, May 8, 2017

KIDS BINGO !! Rang 6 End of Year school trip fundraiser

This Friday, 12th May 2017 6pm to 8pm.
Entry :€7.50 per child - which includes Bingo Book, raffle tickets for Auntie Nellies hamper, bottle water  and small treat.
For all children in Rang 2, Rang 3, Rang 4, Rang 5.
Pupils from Rang 6 will be helping on the night.
Venue :- The Friary Hall (next to Friary Church - where old playground used to be).
Lots of other prizes throughout the night to be won.
Parents can drop their kids for 6pm and collect at 8pm sharp please!
Tickets for this event will be on sale in Rang 6 classroom on this Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th from 2pm to 2.30pm.
Please support this fundraiser - all children in the school will eventually have their own school tour when they reach rang 6 so the favour will be returned every year.
Many thanks

6th Class Cake Sale

Thanks to everyone who supported the 6th class cake sale on Friday 5th May 2017 which raised a very impressive €430. This money will go directly to help pay for the 6th class school trip. So well done 6th class on a massive effort and enjoy the trip!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cake Sale - Friday 5th May 2017

6th class cake sale tomorrow, Friday 5th May 2017 so please send in at least €1 with each child tomorrow to buy a bun or cake. The monies raised from this cake sale will go directly toward paying for the bus for the 6th class trip, so extra support would be great, as all our kids will eventually go on the 6th class trip and all funds raised will take financial pressure off of 6th class parents going forward.