Thursday, October 12, 2017

Club Na Mara Important Notice October 2017

Club Na Mara Important Notice

If your child is booked into Club na Mara on a given day, and you decide to arrange a playdate, it is essential that you contact me, Trish Ryan on 087-9475367 directly to make me aware of their absence at Club. Children will not be permitted to go on a playdate if I have not been informed of the arrangement and am unable to contact a parent to confirm the playdate.  This could be stressful for everyone involved so I am asking all parents to adhere to this rule.  If your child is collected by Grandparents, childminders, au pairs or friends of yours, please inform them of this very important safety issue.

On another note, Gaelscoil Chionn tSáile has a healthy eating policy (See below). As Club Na Mara operates within Gaelscoil Chionn tSáile then all school policies and rules apply to Club Na Mara including the Healthy Eating Policy.  Hence, all snacks, drinks, and food that you provide for your child during their time at Club Na Mara MUST adhere to this Healthy Eating Policy.

Your co-operation with all of the above is greatly appreciated.

Trish Ryan.

Polasaí Lóin Slaintiúl Tá sé mar pholasaí sa scoil go mbeidh lóin sláintiúl ag gach páiste gach aon lá. ‘Séard ata i gceist le seo na go mbeidh na páistí ag teacht ar scoil le bia sláintiúl acu le hithe chomh maith le deoch fiúntach. Tá cosc ar bhia nach bhfuil go maith do na páistí mar shampla criospaí, seacláid, milseáin nó aon ‘junk-food’ eile. Ní chóir go mbeidh aon dheoch eile acu seachas bainne, deochanna íogairt, uisce. * Cosc ar súanna próisithe de bharr leibhéal árd-siúcra agus an dochar a dhéanann siad dos na fiacla. 

It is the policy of the school that each child has a healthy lunch every day. What this entails is that all the food in the lunch is good for the child and that the drink is also a healthy one. The children are not allowed to bring any crisps, chocolate, sweets or any other sugary or salty snack for their lunches. Permitted drinks include milk, yoghurt drinks and water. highly concentrated and processed fruit juices are not permitted due to their high sugar content and the proven damage these juices do to children’s teeth