Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Woolly's Quest Everyman Colouring Competition 2019

Please find attached the flyer and colouring competition for our fantastic upcoming bilingual show Woolly’s Quest.

This is the epic story of Woolly, the bravest of all sheep. Woolly was the first sheep who dared to be different, dared to be adventurous and dared to discover what happens to her wool.

Join Woolly on her audacious quest to reclaim her shorn fleece, marvel at her sheer bravery on a journey fraught with peril to learn what life looms beyond the gate. A rip – roaring bilingual yarn, Woolly’s Quest has it all, it weaves together storytelling, music, song and puppetry in a pulsating show that will have audiences of all ages hooked!

Date and Time | SAT 6 APR, 1PM & 3PM.

Tickets | €10

Age |  4+

Time | 45 mins

Bookings: General 021 450 1673 | Groups 021 4501780 |

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Everyman!

Le gach dea ghui,

Marketing Intern

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