Friday, October 30, 2020

Oíche Shamhna sa Bhaile


A chairde, 
Ta súil agam go bhfuil sibh ag baint taitneamh as an mbriseadh mean téarma -I hope you're all enjoying the mid-term break. No doubt the children have their costumes ready for the big night tomorrow night. Undoubtedly it'll be a first that they can't go Trick or Treating as normal. Gaeloideachas sent on this page of ideas for activities as Gaeilge for Halloween or Samhain. There are plenty of workseets, activities and even youtube vocabulary lessons to support parents in getting afew words in over the special evening! It's well worth a look...
Bain taitneamh as an tráthnóna!

P. Sinéad