Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Campa Cois Laoi


Campa Cois Laoi

Campa Cois Laoi is a 5 day summer camp, aimed at children aged 6-12y/o. It will run from the 9th to the 13th August 2021 in St. Columbus GNS, Douglas, Cork. It will be run through Irish and will focus on the arts, mainly:drama, dance and singing. The camp will run from 9am -2pm each day, and will include lunch breaks. 

Campa Cois Laoi is open to all children aged 6-12 regardless of their Irish speaking ability. We hope that by focussing on the arts, the children will absorb the language in a fun, and enjoyable manner, and in turn will improve their vocabulary skills. Parents & guardians are more than welcome to contact/ approach Cois Laoi Productions, or their staff members, through English if they feel more comfortable doing so.

There will be a performance at the end of the week that will be recorded, edited, and sent out to parents & guardians to share amongst their family and friends. 

More information about the camp can be found at www.coislaoiproductions.com, or by emailing coislaoiproductions@gmail.com. As will as this, you can follow us on Facebook @coislaoiproductions, on Instagram @coislaoiproductions, or on Twitter @coislaoi_

Mise le meas, 

Aisling McCarthy

Cois Laoi Productions