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31st August 2017

2 school pinafores, one age 8 & one age 9 free to anyone who wants/needs

Flicky - 087 9376148
flicky howe <>

31st August 2017

School jumper - 3rd & 4th class €15
School coat - 5th & 6th class €20
PE pants - 5th & 6th class €10
PE shorts suitable for 5th & 6th class €10

These sizes are just estimations. All items are in very good condition. My daughter only had the jacket in 6th class so it's in perfect condition. The shirt and PE pants were also only used for 6th class so they are near perfect.

I'd really appreciate it if this could be passed on to the other parents please.
My personal contact number is 086 0757130 if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the items.

Kind regards,
Aisling Kangataran